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Casting lead bullets is the cheapest way to keeping shooting.  You must remember that jacketed bullets were not in common use until the last part of the 1880's.  If you keep your velocity to a reasonable speed and you cast them hard, lead bullets will keep your checkbook in the black. 

20 pound electric pots
Lee Pro 4-20 bottom pour and a 20 pound Sarco

I have two electric lead melting pots.  I use the Sarco pot to reduce wheel weights and other scrap lead products to a usable form.
I use the Lee production pot to cast bullets.  It was pretty cheap and with it's bottom pour spout I can cast a lot of bullets quickly.

Top: Hammer handle, Center: Lee Mold, Bottom: Lyman Mold

Lead molds also come in different shapes and sizes.  I like using iron Lyman molds, but I will also use Lee molds.  The Lyman molds cost more(about 2 1/2 times more), the Lee molds work great.
I use a hammer handle to strike the spur cutter on the mold.  Just remember don't hit the mold itself.  If the cast bullet doesn't fall free from the mold you can hit the hinge pin of the mold handle and it will cause the bullet to dislodge itself.

Lyman #450 Bullet Sizing Lubricator

While there are other ways to size a cast bullet, a bullet sizer is the easiest.  This bullet sizer was my Dad's, it may be 30 years old, but it still works great.
A bullet sizer is used to size the bullet to the correct size , normally .001 over the size of the bore.  It also forces bullet lube into the grease grooves.
There is two types of bullet lube; hard and soft lube.  The hard lube requires a lube heater to soften the lube so it can be forced through the bullet sizer.  The soft lube does not require a heater.  The soft lube is sticker and it attracts dust.  It also contributes to the amount of smoke when the round is fired.


The bullet sizer requires sizing dies.  They come in every size you would ever want.  The top punches are designed to fit over the point end of the cast bullet.  Use the wrong one and you'll deform the bullet.

You can never have enough bullets